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Why You Need Tree Lopping Services in Narangba, Redcliffe, Burpengary, Zillmere, Strathpine, Pine Rivers, & Bray Park

Why You Need Tree Lopping Services in Narangba, Redcliffe, Burpengary, Zillmere, Strathpine, Pine Rivers, & Bray Park

Are you worried about leaves and branches that are growing out of control on your property?

Don’t know how to properly remove these leaves and branches?

Or need tree experts who can do these for you?


Let ARBOR CARE handle these tree lopping tasks for you. Call us on 3093 3326.




Tree lopping is one of the processes of taking care of trees with leaves and branches that grow out of control. This process removes the non-essential growing parts of the trees to help it have a better look. 

Property owners need to ensure tree lopping services are performed to their trees regularly. This way, their landscape is kept clean, clutter-free, and inviting.


Planning to do it on your own?

Stop and don’t do it.



Because there are dangers that come with doing this work alone and without proper knowledge. Tree lopping requires special skills, gear, training, and tools, especially if the tree is tall and large. Therefore, calling for an expert tree lopping crew will help keep your trees maintained and good to look at. 


How Does Tree Lopping Work?


Tree lopping is a professional job that will include aerial works for tall trees and the use of sharp heavy tools.  Hence, not everyone can and is allowed to tackle the job just on their own. There is also a law to follow regarding the cutting of trees. Make sure to read and understand your part as a tree owner to avoid penalties.


Tree Lopping Process


Before actually doing the cutting process, the expert tree lopper will examine the tree and scope of work to be done. This will allow them to analyse the parts to be cut and removed.

tree lopping-process narangba redcliffe burpengary zillmere strathpine pine rivers bray park


The process of tree lopping will involve the cutting of lateral and large side branches of the tree. Vertical and horizontal cuts will be mostly made on the tree’s crown. Keeping a clear area where the removed parts of the tree will fall is important to avoid injuries and accidents.


Using the right equipment, tools, and gear is important to ensure a successful operation. Especially if the trees to lop are huge and tall. Below are the samples of tools to be used by the tree lopping team:


  • Wood Chippers
  • Chainsaw
  • Grinders
  • Pole saw
  • Harnesses
  • Protective gears
  • Straps and ropes


Without these proper tools, equipment, and gears, tree lopping can be very dangerous. Therefore, calling an expert tree lopping team is a must if you want to keep your trees well-maintained and aesthetically appealing.


Some of the Dangers of DIY Tree Lopping


Most likely, property owners would tend to do the tree lopping by themselves as they would want to save money from hiring a tree lopping team. But before you do, see to it that you can carefully consider the possible dangers of tree lopping by yourself alone.


Here are the possible dangers with DIY tree lopping:


  • Self-harm from falling tree branches
  • Accidentally cutting self and others from improper use of a chainsaw
  • Falling tree branches towards your home or on the car
  • Falling off from the tree or ladder
  • Property damages


The weight of the branches can be deceiving. They may appear light and easy to cut but it may surprise you and cause more damages than expected. Tree lopping is listed as one of the top 10 deadliest jobs in Australia. Therefore, it does not pass as a do it yourself project. 


Keep yourself, your family, and your property safe from the dangers of DIY tree lopping. Let an expert tree lopping team handle the cutting and maintenance of your trees. To know more of the tree services that can help you, send us a message today.


Benefits of Tree Lopping


There are many benefits you can have from hiring expert tree loppers and performing tree lopping in your property. This includes the following:


  • Lesser risks of falling dead branches, especially during fall
  • Helps property owners save more money from possible hospitalisation
  • Enhances the aesthetic look of the property’s landscape
  • Reduces falling leaves on the roof and property
  • Lessens the obstruction of the house’s view


Given these benefits from hiring an expert tree lopping team, you can keep your mind at rest from cleaning a pile of leaves and dead branches in your lawn. Hence, you can ensure that everyone is safe while playing and staying in your garden.


Choose an Expert Tree Lopping Team in Narangba, Redcliffe, Burpengary, Zillmere, Strathpine, Pine Rivers and Bray Park


An expert tree lopping team in Narangba, Redcliffe, Burpengary, Zillmere, Strathpine, Pine Rivers & Bray Park, can provide property owners with a safe and well-maintained landscape. They have the knowledge and skills needed in conducting tree lopping. Hence, they can climb trees, cut branches, and use the tools for lopping trees with ease.


Here at Arborcare, we can ensure that our team will help you with the following:


  • Prepare for the fall
  • Clean up after lopping
  • Proper disposal of the wastes
  • Acquire proper tree lopping permits

Allow our expert tree loppers properly handle the cutting of your trees. Our team consists of experienced arborists that are licensed to perform tree lopping. To know more about the services that we deliver, you may call us at 3093 3326.


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