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Stay away from falling branches and disease-causing insects with our professional tree lopping services in Strathpine! Send us a message.

Who needs tree lopping, felling and pruning services in Strathpine?


If the tree(s) in your lawn in Strathpine is seen with the following problems:

  • Encroaching roots beneath your home
  • Extreme height while near your house
  • Decaying trunks and branches
  • Growing branches over your roof


Then, you need to ask the help of a professional tree lopper and tree servicing company in Strathpine to deal with the trees in your property.


Why is that?


Because the law only allows licensed professionals to do the job. Learn here your legal part as a tree-owner.



Arborist vs Tree Feller

Cutting, removing, and stumping enormous trees is a work for the professionals and well-trained in this line of job. There are rules and regulations to follow.


arborist vs tree lopper



Why Choose Arbor Care for Tree Lopping, Felling and Pruning Services in Strathpine?


Keeping your family as well as your property safe from the potential accidents caused by trees can be easy and quick with the right team. Read on to see the advantages of ArborCare tree services you can get:


Professional and Equipped


Cutting down diseased trees, removing and stumping trees, and even pruning trees are covered by a law protecting vegetation. Therefore, only the professional tree loppers can perform the job.


A professional tree lopping company have licensed arborist who knows how to deal with any sort of tree-related problems. They’ have the right equipment to use for different types of task, thus making the job easy, safe, and fast.


With our licensed team of tree surgeons, we assure you that we only work with the proper permits to avoid legal penalties. To know more about our tree services that can help you, check out our website today.


Minimise Property Damages and Life Loss Due to Tree-related Hazards


Property damages and a life lost due to tree-related hazards can be minimised with the help of a professional tree lopping company. 

A professional tree lopping company are equipped with proper knowledge and tools in treating problem trees. With their expertise in removing dead trees and weak branches, the possibilities of damages in your property and life loss is minimised.


Let our licensed arborist analyse and conduct the proper procedure for your trees. With our professional tree services, your family and property can be protected from unexpected accidents caused by trees. To help you properly, send us your concerns today.

Protect yourself, family, and property from tree accidents through our professional tree services.

Let us help you at the earliest possible time.

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Strathpine is rich with history and various types of trees which includes:


  • Oak (Quercus)
  • Elaeocarpus Eumundi (Eumundi Quandong)
  • Black Wattle (Acacia Leiocalyx)


Trees add beauty to your home’s landscape, however, if it will damage your property and worst, cost lives, it’s the time to call a professional tree lopping company.


Diseased, dead, and weak trees can cause unexpected accidents, therefore removing them before anything happens is the best for everyone. A professional tree lopping company can help you with this. 


Reduce the risk of your property and family from tree-related hazards with the help of a licensed arborist. Summer is the most suitable time to do this, while the weather is stable and the trees are dry. Call a tree lopping, felling and pruning expert to treat your dead trees professionally. Send us a message