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Keep your family and property safe from tree-related dangers in your property in Burpengary with our tree lopping and tree removal services

Who needs tree lopping, felling and pruning services in Burpengary?

If the tree(s) in your property in Burpengary shows the following: 

  • Wounded tree trunks
  • Branches are reaching power lines
  • Leaning towards your home
  • Planted in the wrong position 

Then most likely, you’ll need the help of a licensed experienced tree removal and tree lopper company in Burpengary to tend your trees.

Asking why?

Because cutting trees must only be performed by an authorised tree remover. Click here to know about your part as an owner of a tree.

Arborist vs Tree Feller

Removing large trees needs the expertise to ensure safety and standard. That is why it should only be implemented by a licensed experienced tree feller or arborist.


Arborist vs Tree Feller


Why Choose Arbor Care for Tree Lopping, Felling and Pruning Services in Burpengary?

Seeing your family, as well as yourself, and your material assets away from the dangers of trees can be easy. Check out the various advantages you can have from ArborCare services:

Expert with Licensed


Tree removal or tree loppings in Burpengary is not for just anybody. There are laws to follow. Permits, analysation of the scope of work, and type of trees need to be performed and acquired before removing a tree.

In this part, an expert licensed arborist will be able to give professional analysation to ensure proper method is applied. They can also apply for the needed permits for the removal of your trees in your property, thus help you avoid violating the law.

Make sure that your trees are removed or cut down by an expert licensed tree servicing team. To learn more about the services we offer, call us at 3093 3326.


Prevent Life and Property Loss Caused by Tree-related Problems

Dangers from tree-related problems mentioned above are just a few of the problems you can encounter, if not treated immediately.

With that given problems, you will most likely need the assistance of an expert tree lopping company. A professional tree lopping company can help you expertly remove disturbing trees in your property, thus, keep you and your family from unfortunate and unexpected accidents from trees.

Let our experienced arborist aid you with your tree-related problems in your property in Burpengary. Let us help you in keeping your loved ones, as well as your property safe. Send us a message so we can help you further.

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Burpengary is a suburb with close proximity to Brisbane’s CBD where you’ll find a number of trees such as: 


  • Smooth barked gum trees (Angophora Costata)
  • Ironbark trees (Genus of Eucalyptus)
  • Tea trees (Melaleuca Alternifolia)


Trees give us shades against the heat, but they can be stubborn and a nuisance at time. If this happens, it’s best to tap an experienced licensed arborist to help you.


An expert licensed arborist knows how to carry out proper removal or lopping of disturbing trees in properties. They make sure to follow the standard in tree removing, thus keep you and your family safe during the process.


If you have trees which you wish to remove, this summer season would be the best time to hire a licensed tree lopping company to help you. Dangers from diseased or dead trees can be avoided with if you act on it right away. Let an experienced tree lopping, feeling or pruning tradie keep the safety of your family and your property. Call us now.