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There is no small or large tree that our team of tree lopping, felling and pruning experts can’t handle. Safely cut down trees in your Bray Park property. Send us a message.

Who needs tree lopping, felling or pruning services in Bray Park?


If your tree(s) in Bray Park is giving you the following problems: 

  • Injuring the pipe works
  • Damaging the house or building foundation
  • Clogging gutters with falling leaves
  • Attracting insects like termites that can affect the house structure


Then you need to look for a licensed tree servicing company in Bray Park to remove these trees for you.




Because not everyone is allowed by the law to cut, remove, or stump trees. Learn here your obligations as a tree owner.



Arborist vs Tree Feller


Removing encroaching trees in your property is not a simple gardening task. A professional arborist is needed to ensure that it is performed and according to safety guidelines.

arborist vs tree lopper



Why Choose Arbor Care for Your Tree Lopping, Felling and Pruning Services in Bray Park?


Ensuring that your family and property are protected against tree-related accidents can be easy with the help of a licensed tree servicing company. See here the various benefits you can get from ArborCare Services:


Insured and No Height Restriction 


There is a law to follow about the removal of trees on Strathpine, thus professional tree lopping company must analyse the site and acquire council permits before chopping down a tree.


A professional tree lopping company can analyse and see what procedure to apply to the tree. They can also ensure you that they have proper and legal permits for cutting down a tree on your property, thus they are not violating any vegetation law.


With our licensed arborist, keep your mind at ease as they are all fully insured with no height limitation. Whether your subject tree is as tall as a building, we can still cut it down for you. To know more about how our services can help you, call us today at 3093 3326. 


Reduce Tree-related Hazard Threats


Dead, diseased, and weak trees can bring threats to the safety of your family and property, especially if these are not immediately fixed.

Through the knowledge and training of a licensed arborist in cutting, removing or stumping trees, the tree-related hazard threats in your property are reduced. 

Our team consists of well-trained climbers and licensed arborist that can help you no matter what type of tree you need to cut down. Send us a message today so we can analyse your scope of work.

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Bray Park is a suburb populated with people and numerous trees such as the following:


  • Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum Camphora)
  • Umbrella Tree (Schefflera Actinophylla)
  • Yellow Oleander (Cascabela Thevetia)


Trees are a beautiful addition that enhances the aesthetical appearances of a home, but, if it can damage your property and harm your loved ones as it grows, hire a professional tree lopping company to help you with it.


A professional tree lopping company can help you in facilitating the proper method with your trees, thus keep you safe from the dangers you might encounter. Tree lopping or removing isn’t a task for everyone. It can cause death if done without proper training and equipment.


Do not wait for winter to freeze your trees and bring you more serious damage and harm. Hire a professional to cut, prune, trim, or stump them while the heat of summer is still here. Call a professional tree lopping, felling and pruning company to assist you in keeping your property a safe place for your family.


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