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Why You Need Stump Grinding Services in North Brisbane

Why You Need Stump Grinding Services in North Brisbane

Are there any stumps visible in your garden? 

Does it bother the view and your landscape plans?

Can decide whether to remove it or not?


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Tree stumps are the leftovers of a cut or felled tree. It is typically left by the landscaping team unless removing it is on the job quote.

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Often, these stumps can disrupt the view of a property’s landscape. Hence, many property owners who like to keep their landscapes looking good are choosing to remove the stumps.


However, removing a tree stump is hard, especially if it’s from a huge tree. Therefore, stump grinding must be performed to ensure that the tree stump is carefully removed. Read on below to know more about stump grinding services and why you need it.


How Does Stump Grinding Work?


Stump grinding is the removal of a tree stump with the use of a special tool called a stump grinder. A stump grinder is a powerful machine that has a resemblance with a lawnmower and circular saw when combined. It has a design that will roll up to the stump and grind it to pieces.


Since a stump grinder is a powerful tool, it requires proper skills and training to ensure safety while using it. Hence, doing it on your own may end up causing you more damage than good. For this reason, you need a licensed arborist to handle the task for you.


They have the proper skills, training, license, and tools to do the stump grinding. They can also apply for the permit in your local area before doing the job. This way, you can both avoid breaking any law in your local council regarding stump grinding.


The Stump Grinding Process


In stump grinding, the arborist will use the stump grinder and slowly push it towards the stump. The grinder’s rotating blade will start to chew the stump’s parts. The arborist will guide the machine over the stump until every part of it is reduced below the ground.


The Benefits of Stump Grinding


Property owners can enjoy various benefits from stump grinding with the help of a professional arborist. This includes:


  • Enhanced look of the yard
  • Gain more space for new landscape features or ideas
  • Prepares your property for future sale


Once all the stumps are gone, property owners can immediately see a new perspective of their land. 


Are you looking for other reasons why you need a stump grinding service for your garden? 


Here are some of it:

  • The stump is an eyesore
  • It is potentially hazardous
  • The roots can damage water pipes, foundations, and pavements
  • The stumps can attract pests like carpenter ants and termites


Stump grinding can allow you and your family to enjoy playing and having fun around in your yard. No need to worry about anyone getting bruised, bumped, or injured in a stump that is protruded above the ground.


5 Reasons You Need To Call for a Professional Arborist


Stump grinding is certainly not a Do-It-Your own project since it involves the use of a potentially deadly machine. Below are the following reasons to call for a professional arborist in  NarangbaRedcliffeBurpengaryZillmereStrathpinePine Rivers & Bray Park for stump grinding.


  • Knowledge and skills: A professional arborist can provide you with the right action towards your tree stump. They can also help in acquiring the proper permit for your project from your local council.


With their training in stump grinding, you can ensure that the stump in your lawn is safely removed without injuring anybody. 


  • Proper equipment: Getting the right equipment, knowing how to properly operate it, and figuring out how to use it on the stump can be daunting. Calling a professional arborist to help with your stump grinding project takes away these problems.


Since this is their profession, they have the proper equipment and gears for it. Hence, they’re experienced in using it. They can make it look stump grinding easy for someone who doesn’t know the risk that is included in it.


  • Safety measures: With the knowledge and experience of a professional arborist, you can keep your mind at ease that your stump grinding project is safe. They know the safety measure to apply before and after the job. Hence, everyone in your home and your property will not be harmed.


  • Cleaning: Debris, shavings, and chips of the stump will be present after stump grinding. You may need to call for a rubbish removal team to clear away the clutters. But with a professional arborist team, your yard will be left clean after the job.


It is part of their work ethics and standard. Therefore, you can ensure that your property is clean and safe for your family.


Considering all aspects and risk of trying stump grinding on your own is essential. It might do you more harm than good. Calling for a professional arborist will be the better option to keep you, your family, and your property from the dangers of stump grinding.


Are You Looking for a Professional Stump Grinding Team in Narangba, Redcliffe, Burpengary, Zillmere, Strathpine, Pine Rivers, and Bray Park?


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