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Why You Need A Bamboo and Palm Tree Removal Services

Why You Need A Bamboo and Palm Tree Removal Services

Do you have bamboo and palm trees in front of your lawn?

Are you planning to restructure the landscape of your garden?

Do you need someone who would help you remove these bamboo and palm trees?


Here at Arbor Care, we deliver various tree removal services in Narangba, Redcliffe, Burpengary, Zillmere, Strathpine, Pine Rivers, Bray Park. Schedule an appointment with us, today.


About Bamboo and Palm Trees


Bamboo and palm trees can rapidly grow huge within a short period. A typical timber bamboo plant can grow at a maximum height of 30 meters, while some of the largest types of palm trees can reach a height of 60 feet

Tree Lopper Brisbane North About Bamboo and Palm Trees


Both plants can surely add dimension to any property’s landscape, especially when you want to use them as a screen or wall feature. However, with their large sizes and characteristics, they can put you and your family at risks such as the following:


Bamboo tree:

  • Grow ferociously and can invade neighbour’s lawn
  • A potential threat to biodiversity due to rapid growth
  • Possibilities of cyanide poisoning in people
  • Pruning and trimming is hard to maintain
  • Attracts snakes and other pests


Palm tree:

  • Strong roots that can damage the plumbing system
  • Falling fruits can hurt people, dent cars, and invite pests
  • Cleaning falling fronds can be tedious
  • Dangerous spikes


Given these problems and potential risks that a bamboo tree and palm tree can cause to your property, removing them will be the best decision to make.


How Does a Bamboo Removal and Palm Removal Work?


A properly cared garden can ensure a healthy, safe and beautiful environment to properties and their habitats. In order to maintain and achieve this, necessary tree removal needs to be done.


Bamboo Removal


Bamboo tree is like a giant grass that can grow and spread sympodial or monopodial. It can quickly invade a garden within just a week. Moreover, if not regularly trimmed or pruned, it can also go over your neighbour’s backyard and cause dispute. Therefore, bamboo removal should be performed before the plant starts to dig deeper and becomes harder to pull.


With this plant’s rhizome root system, the possibility of regrowth has a big chance. Hence, making sure that it is killed down to the last lines of its roots is important. That is why bamboo removal requires the use of strong special tools to ensure that it’s fully removed.


Below are the common methods of bamboo removal:

  • Excavating
  • Mowing
  • Covering
  • Containment 
  • Poison
  • Stump Grinding


A professional tree removal team is well trained when it comes to terminating this type of large tree. They have the proper tools and equipment such as the following to ensure that your tree removal is quick and safe:


  • Chainsaw
  • Long ladders
  • Grinders
  • Arborist ropes
  • Axes
  • Excavator 


Handling these tools requires proper knowledge, training, and experience. Therefore, bamboo removal is not a simple task that can be done by oneself alone. Allow an expert tree removal team to help you with this. Send us a message here.


Palm Removal


A palm tree is also a gigantic tree that is strong, gorgeous, and proud. It can help in making a landscape look enormous and sturdy. A palm tree can also bring a relaxing vibe as if you are near the beach.


However, looking past through these qualities, below are the downsides of having a palm tree at your place.


  • The leaves and seed pods they shed every year can make your yard cluttered and dirty. Hence, cleaning them can take too much work.
  • The ripe seeds of palm trees attract bats which can become pesky and dangerous for homeowners.
  • The strong roots of this tree can potentially damage the plumbing system and other underground structures.


Palm removal is just as hard as bamboo removal, especially with its thick and tall trunks. Special gears are needed to make sure that accidents can be avoided. Therefore, calling for a professional tree removal team is important. They have the right tools and gears to safely perform the job.

Let a professional assist you with your bamboo and palm tree removal in your place. Call us now or fill up our online form today!

Our tree removal team is highly skilled and can help you avoid dangers from bamboo and palm trees.


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